Ink & Laurel
Branding for Bold Creatives.



I'm Sam, a Southern California based designer and illustrator. 

You can usually find me drinking tooo much coffee, cooking (and eating) vegan food, or obsessing over my two scruffy rescue pups. I started Ink & Laurel because I am passionate about creating art that impacts others and I love that I get to work with other creatives in providing them with designs that grow their business.  

Some fun facts about me:

I got married to my high school boyfriend (we're cheesy + cute)
I love animals so much and I have two scruffy rescue pups- Riley and Zooey. They are my children- so yes, I am one of those crazy dog moms.
I'm a vegan & it was one of the most empowering decisions I've ever made! (Previously, I was vegetarian for almost ten years) Ask me about it, I'd love to chat!
I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from a small private university in the same city I've lived all my life.