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Why You Should Invest In Branding.

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Is investing in a designer for your business worth it? YES. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1. Your logo delivers a message about your business and about you.

Your brand is a visual representation of your company and your vision. A beautiful brand will show your clients that you are intentional and care about every last detail of your business. 

2. Your logo will help to forge a connection between you are your audience.

Consistency is often hard to come by. Branding will help guide you in creating that sought after consistency in your online and print spaces. A consistent brand will help guide your audience as they look through your work and/or products and build trust within potential customers.

3. Your branding will set you apart from others in your field.

Clients have a lot of choices, a strong and unique brand can help to separate you from the pack. A well thought out brand makes will give you credibility and give your business an established feel.

4. Branding helps to build your reputation.

A strong, consistent brand will help you to establish your business. With the help of your logo, your audience will have an immediate way to recognize you. Great branding should be original and memorable and give your customers a way to gain a sense of your personality and an understanding of what to expect from you.

Unsure if you should rebrand you business? Consider these questions:

  • Does your branding reflect your style and personality?
  • Is your logo conveying the message you want it to?
  • Does the style of your branding match the style of your work / products? (Example: If your logo is bright and colorful and matches the style you preferred a few years ago, but now the style of your photography is dark and moody, you may consider rebranding to reflect the style of your current work.)
  • Is your branding consistent across the board?

If you are feeling unsure about your brand, I'm always open to new projects and working with creative small businesses!

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