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The Brand Refresh Package


the brand refresh package

This package will provide you with a completely branded suite. Your clients will experience a consistent brand from start to finish. 



Files Delivered:

Your final logos will be delivered in black, white and color versions in the following formats:

  • EPS (vector files)
  • PSDs
  • JPGs
  • PNGs

Your final collateral will be delivered in the following formats:

  • JPGs
  • PDFs
  • Working files of your choice: (Indesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop)

whats included:

Main Logo

The main logo is the foundation for your whole brand. With a solid logo, you will elevate your brand to a whole new level.

Alternate Mark

The alternate mark is a simplified version of your main logo. The alternate mark is a great way to support your brand by extending the diversity and usage of your visuals. 

Brand Style Guide

Your brand style guide will be a little roadmap of your final files and how to use them. :) 

Font Selections

I will purchase and include any fonts used in your branding so that you have full access to continue expanding on your brand in a consistent way visually.

Color Palette

If you choose to include color in your branding, I will help you work through color ideas to ensure that we land on a palette that best represents your brand.

TWO Collateral Designs of Your Choice

Your collateral can be any piece of information that your clients come in to contact with. This includes anything from business cards, one page pricing sheets, letterhead, stickers, postcards, thank you notes, or even additional illustrations. The skies the limit!